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Khagrachari Hill District Council

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Vision: Developed  and Prosperous Khagrachari

Mission: Development of socio-economic ‍condition and preservation of fundamental rights of all citizens of Khagrachari Hill District.


  • Communication and infrastructure development;
  • Financial and administrative management of council;
  • Implementation of development activities by the assistance of donor agencies;
  • Preservation of fundamental rights through the development of education, health and family welfare services;
  • Management of transferred departments under council;
  • Development of agriculture, fisheries and  livestock;
  • Development of sports, culture and tourism;
  • Cherish  and development of Culture, custom and heritage  of various small ethnic group;
  • Coordination of development activities of all departments of the district;
  • Development of religious and social institutions;
  • Bringing the poor people under the social safety net programs.


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