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Khagrachari Hill District Council

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh


Message From Chairman

Welcome to the website of Khagrachari Hill District Council.

Khagrachari Hill District is a diversified area in Bangladesh considering the perspective of geographical position, natural beauty, abode of various tribal community including their own language & cultural heritage as well as the co-existence of Bengali community people. After the independence this region was out of the main stream of development due to the prevailed situation in CHT, specially in the decades of eighty and ninety in the last century. For the socio-economic development of the deprived people in 1989 by the special initiative of the government in three hill districts three separate "Local Government Council" was constituted by passing act in Bangladesh National Parliament. The first election of Khagrachari Local Govt. Council was held on 25 June 1989 and first council was formed with 01(one) Chairman (tribal) and 30 councilors (21 from tribal and 9 from non-tribal). Khagrachari Local Govt. Council started its function from 10 July 1989. According to the "Peace Accord" signed between the "CHT Affairs National Committee" of Bangladesh Govt. and "Parbaytta Chattagram Janasanghati Samity" on 2nd December 1997 "Khagrachari Hill District Local Govt.Council" has renamed as "Khagrachai Hill District Council". Khagrachai Hill District Council from its inception is executing the responsibilities to co-ordinate the activities of various Govt. Offices and NGO’s of this district. Now Khagrachari Hill District Council is regarded as the focal point of development and administration of this district as it is capable to fulfill the desire and demand of the local people. Now the present interim council has formed consists of 01(One) Chairman (tribal) and 14 Councilors (10 from tribal and 04 from non-tribal) by the amended act.

            The main aim and objective of Khagrachari Hill District Council is to supervise, restore and development of the law and order situation of this  district; mitigate the dispute of social, cultural and tribal affairs according to the tribal tradition and rule; Co-ordination of development activities of the local authorities of this district; implementation, deliberation and accounts & audit of the development projects as well as provide assistance, co-operation and inspiration to the local authorities; improve the life style of the disadvantaged tribal community including the Bengali community; facilitation on capacity building and development of the local people and organization. According to the Khagrachari Hill District Council Act, 1989 (amended) 24 govt. deportments and 6 (six) subjects had already been transferred to the council, which are working as a development co-operator organization of the council. As a result the responsibilities and working periphery of the council are expanding gradually. The prime duties of the council is to execute the transferred departments; i.e. disbursing salaries and allowances; recruitment, transfer and departmental action of the employees and supervision, co-operation & implementation of development activities. According to law this council can prepare and implement development plan with its financial ability in any matter within its jurisdiction. In which procedure and by whom that plan would be implemented council can take decision in this respect. Beside this council can make regulation about the preparation of any construction plan & expenditure report and by whom the construction work would be implemented. Council has got the legal authority to select and approve the development projects and budget. According to law this council is empowered to make regulation, fund collection, take expenditure plan and recruitment, promotion & disciplinary action of 3rd & 4th class employees. In Khagrachari Hill District for lease out, settlement, sell or otherwise to transfer any land the pre-approval of this council is needed. Overall this council is responsible to build developed and prosperous Khagrachari.

            Now, the website of Khagrachari Hill District Council has made rich, informative and modern. This website would be a source to know the various information about Khagrachari Hill District Council including the information of the inhabitants of different communities of this district, tourist spots etc. The plan of this website has done by aiming the necessity of the people and govt. & non-govt. organizations. Beside the information of this council from this website it is to be known about the rich history & tradition and implanted values of the tribal people of this area. The information of the website would be regularly updated as much as possible. Our comprehensive effort would be continued to make this site as the store-house of all kinds of information of this area.

            We expect the valuable advice and suggestion from all to develop the quality & standard of this website.

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